Re: [fileapi] timing of readyState changes vs. events

On Thu, Mar 1, 2012 at 3:16 PM, Arun Ranganathan
<> wrote:
> Eric,
>> In the readAsText in the latest draft [1] I see that readyState gets
>> set to done "When the blob has been read into memory fully".
>> I see that elsewhere in the progress notification description, "When
>> the data from the blob has been completely read into memory, queue a
>> task to fire a progress event called load".  So readyState changes
>> separately from the sending of that progress event, since one is
>> direct and the other queued, and script could observe the state in
>> between.
>> In the discussion at [2] we arranged to avoid that for FileWriter.
>>  We
>> should do the same for FileReader.
> OK, so the change is to ensure that these events are fired directly, and not queued, right?  I'll make this change.  This applies to all readAs* methods.

Yup.  It should apply to any event associated with a state change [so
e.g. onload, but not onloadend].

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