Re: [webapps-component] Web and Canvas Components, select, audio controls and ARIA

Hi Charles,

On 2/23/12 9:09 PM, ext Charles Pritchard wrote:
> Regarding UI components in web applications


> Please consider these UI issues as a whole, find a coherent narrative 
> about the problem. If and when we can get that far, maybe we can have 
> a webapps-ui group, and discuss the particulars. Because I don't think 
> these particulars are relevant to public-webapps proper. I think they 
> should be hashed out elsewhere, but I haven't found an appropriate 
> elsewhere to do it.

Perhaps it would be useful then, if you started a new CG that you could 
lead re Web application UI and the related issues you raised. (I think 
the amount of resources required to create a CG is relatively low).


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