[IndexedDB] IDBDAtabase.transaction clarification


It seems IDBDatabase.transaction in the working draft is poorly defined.

IDBDatabase.transaction, according to the transaction creation algorithm,
have a null callback, but then IDBDatabase.createObjectStore and
IDBDatabase.deleteObjectStore say they should fail if not called from the
transaction callback. I think it should be changed so they fail if there
is not an active transaction, or that the current active transaction is
not a VERSION_CHANGE one. Is this the intended behavior ?

It tells IDBDatabase.transaction returns the IDBTransaction object.
Shouldn't it be an IDBRequest object ? If not, then what the lifetime of
the transaction ? When should it be commited ?

IDBDatabase.transaction accepts either an array of strings or string as
first argument, which are the name of the object stores. What should
be used for the very first transaction of an empty database with no
object stores ? Empty array ?

Received on Thursday, 23 February 2012 20:27:51 UTC