Re: [Clipboard] Processing model feedback (and other)

Siterer Anne van Kesteren <>:

>>> Except there's no such thing as default action really...
>> IMO this is well established terminology and easy to understand for  
>>  script authors because of the preventDefault() method name.. I've   
>> changed the text slightly though.
> I don't really think the term is that clear personally and it's not in
> DOM4 at the moment. The whole notion that an event would have a default
> action is flawed. A particular action might have a default action
> preceded by an event that if canceled, cancels the default action, but
> I think it would be clearer to just say fire the event and if it was
> canceled do not do this next step. Which is how DOM4 is modeled.

I think I see your point now from a technical point of view, but I  
think we're close to splitting hairs here. The term "default action"  
is simply a sort of language shortcut to say what happens when the  
event is not cancelled. It's well established (just like I'd argue  
"MIME type" is) and I see no real problems caused by its usage.


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