Re: Installing Web Apps

The problem is we're framing the discussion in terms of "installing" web apps.

We're answering the wrong question.

The real question is whether we want to start seeing powerful applications running in the browser.

If we do, then we'll figure out a way to get there. Be it "installing", "permissions", or letting apps use as much storage as they need, but just giving me a way to keep tabs on what they're using so I can uninstall them if I want. Or letting apps use as much bandwidth or CPU or whatever they need, but just giving me a way to keep tabs. Or if I'm really security conscious there could be a firewall to let me as user defend certain "system calls" or whitelist specific apps but only if I want.

But none of that is really the issue now. The issue now is that some are unimaginatively saying "what, browser in a browser?". It's the "nobody would ever want a personal computer" attitude and this needs to change so that the next unforeseen innovation can take place.

What do you want to build in the browser?

1. Dropbox (e.g. drag and drop files into the browser, click a link in the app to open them in native applications such as Excel, poll the file for changes from the browser and sync the chunks that changed)?
2. Web browser?
3. Proxyless POP and SMTP clients that don't waste server bandwidth and let users go direct?
4. Spotify client?
5. Skype client?

I want to be building all of the above.

Received on Friday, 17 February 2012 11:21:25 UTC