Re: CfC by 02-14: Add IME API to the charter

thanks, i was just checking; i'll defer to Addison and the editor of the
proposed work to handle the details

On Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 9:02 AM, Michael[tm] Smith <> wrote:

> Hi Glenn,
> > @2012-02-08 08:33 -0700:
> > will there be liaison/participation with I18N Core WG on this work?
> I've already given Richard Ishida and Felix Sasaki a heads-up about it. I
> believe Richard is planning to propose an agenda item for it on the i18n WG
> call today. But anyway certainly there shall be active liaise-ing with i18n
> folk on this API. If you believe we need to capture that in the charter
> then I can work with the chairs to make sure we do that.
>  --Mike
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> Michael[tm] Smith

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