data and blob URLs in HTTP context

Currently Opera and Firefox seem to support data URLs within the context  
of XMLHttpRequest. Status is 0, status text is the empty string, there are  
no response headers, and response-related attributes work as expected.

This is different from blob URLs in that blob URLs do have a response code  
(which would be always 200 for data URLs) and they can have response  
headers too (maybe we should remove that from blob URLs?).

Are there any more such URLs? We should probably figure out the best way  
to define them including their overall behavior so we do not get  
inconsistent results.

My current thinking is that they should have a useful status code, maybe a  
useful status text (does not matter much, but should be the empty string  
or a fixed string of sorts), and no response headers (there's no use case).

Anne van Kesteren

Received on Sunday, 5 February 2012 14:59:45 UTC