Re: Image.toBlob()

On 2/2/12 9:03 PM, Glenn Maynard wrote:
>     With that scheme, though, if you were really referencing an image,
>     then your toDataURL and toBlob output, given no optional
>     parameters were specified, and the file format were the same, well
>     it could be a copy of the binary data.
> That's the whole idea.  You can transparently bypass the process of 
> blitting to a backbuffer for this case (modulo the zero alpha issue). 
>  It's just an optimization.

Oh, that's not a use case I need. There's no real overhead.

I need the use case of  Image.toBlob() returning a binary copy of the 
resource, metadata and all, in its original and pure form. That way I 
don't have to XHR after or before hand, and I can still get progressive 
rendering and whatever else comes along with the browser implementation 
of the Image object.

It ought to spout off a state error if image has not loaded yet, a 
security error if cors isn't met, I'm going to be using <img 
crossorigin>, cause that's what I do.

I actually don't need Image.toBlob() to be used for image format 
conversion, though that'd be up to the implementer.
Canvas.toBlob() is a PNG by default.
Image.toBlob() is format agnostic by default.


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