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On 1/2/12 20:03 , Ian Hickson wrote:
>> As a user when I install an app, I want to be able to give it access to
>> a selection of:
> Providing access to these things when the app is installed is IMHO a net
> worse security model than granting access to these things implicitly when
> the feature is needed.
JCD: I do not see why the granting of privileges should be implicit when 
some webapp is "installed".
I believe Tim was hinting (through the use of the words "a selection 
of") at non-implicit, selective granting.

Others in the thread have tried to clarify the "installation".
Something that could reconcile Tim and Ian might be to just consider 
"installation" as "an association of a selection of privileges to a webapp".
One privilege among others could be "to be locally stored".

What strikes me as important right now is:
- the level of detail of requested privileges vs. the "training of the 
users to just accept without reading";
- the duration of the association of a set of privileges to webapps...
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