Re: CG for Speech JavaScript API

* Glen Shires wrote:
>We at Google propose the formation of a new Community Group to pursue a
>JavaScript Speech API. Specifically, we are proposing this Javascript API
>[1], which enables web developers to incorporate speech recognition and
>synthesis into their web pages, and supports the majority of use-cases in
>the Speech Incubator Group's Final Report [2]. This API enables developers
>to use scripting to generate text-to-speech output and to use speech
>recognition as an input for forms, continuous dictation and control. For
>this first specification, we believe this simplified subset API will
>accelerate implementation, interoperability testing, standardization and
>ultimately developer adoption.

Looking at "HTML Speech Incubator Group Final Report", there is a propo-
sal for a <reco> element. Let's say the Community Group adopts this idea
and several browser vendors implement it. Is the assumption that Mozilla
would implement a <mozReco> element while Microsoft would implement some
<msReco> element if they choose to adopt this, or would they agree on a
<experimentalReco> element? Or would they implement a <reco> element? If
they implement plain <reco>, there is not much room for a Working Group,
where this might be standardized in the future, to make major changes,
meaning they would be mostly rubber-stamping the Community Group output.
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