Re: Fwd: Data compression APIs?

On 1/30/12 6:11 AM, timeless wrote:
> There have been some requests for zip support [1], and probably less
> relevant for xhr [2]. Note that the use case I'm forwarding [3]
> requires support for both compression and decompression.

I'm solely looking for inflate / deflate support. It provides a decent 
balance for compression and is a critical part of several document formats.

I've used inflate for things like opening zip files, docx, pdf content, 
and deflate for creating PNG (other than the supported 32bit per pixel).

We could get compress working before multiplex support gets worked into 
WebSockets, and not have to worry that much about multiplex and 
streaming, since it can be added into binary websocket packet with 
relative ease.

Inflate and deflate really are critical components for web apps. Their 
absence is a barrier for authors like me to support common file format.s


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