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On Jan 30, 2012, at 13:45 , Marcos Caceres wrote:
> On Monday, 30 January 2012 at 22:22, Robin Berjon wrote:
>> Sorry, I should indeed have mentioned that as part of the background. The problem with specifying orientation as part of the viewport at rule is that it leads to circular dependencies (you can set an orientation inside a media query that changes the viewport and triggers and endless loop). The spec tries (meekly) to defend against that, but I find it difficult not to get the impression that this leads to a tangled mess and that it will confuse developers (it certainly confuses me when I try to make sense of the circularity avoidance recommendations made in the specification itself). This could be solved if it were only to appear in meta elements, but right now that's not the case and the section on meta elements in CSS DA isn't normative.
> For fun, can you show how that happens with the meta tags? I was the one that originally proposed the orientation locking using the meta tag, so I'm interested to hear what happened (or send me pointer). Apologies that I have not followed the discussion.   

How what happens? Endless loops? Sorry if I was unclear but I don't see endless loops happening when using meta elements  only with the pure CSS version. That's why I would prefer to see this leave the CSS space and move to a strictly meta-based approach (or something else like it: manifest, API, I don't have a strong opinion at this point). Right now in CSS DA you can handle this with CSS but with weird provisions against circularity, or with meta but in a manner that is explicitly flagged as non-normative.

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