Re: Image.toBlob()

2012/1/28 Bronislav Klučka <>

> Hello,
> would it be possible to have Image.toBlob() function? We are introducing
> Canvas.toBlob(), image (and maybe video, audio) would be nice addition
> Brona
Proposing a more detailed spec would be a good place to start.  Some
example questions:

1. What does <img>.toBlob() do if the image failed to load?
2. Should <img>.toBlob() respect CORS?
3. Does <img>.toBlob() take a content type argument like the others?  If
so, what does <img src="foo.jpg">.toBlob("image/png") do?
4. Is <img>.toBlob() asynchronous like <canvas>.toBlob()?

I think the idea of implementing <img>.toBlob() is fine, but we need to
spec out the behavior first.

- Kyle

Received on Saturday, 28 January 2012 09:19:42 UTC