Re: String to ArrayBuffer

On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 2:45 PM, Charles Pritchard <> wrote:

> Currently, we can asynchronously use BlobBuilder with FileReader to get an
> array buffer from a string.
> We can of course, use code to convert String.fromCharCode into a
> Uint8Array, but it's ugly.
> The StringEncoding proposal seems a bit much for most web use:
> All we really ever do is work on DOMString, and that's covered by UTF8.

DOMString is not UTF8 or necessarily unicode.  It's a sequence of 16 bit
integers and a length.

> As following file shows, DOMString to ArrayBuffer conversion is about 30
> lines of code (start at line 125):

This only seems correct for valid unicode strings, which does not cover all

- James

> It seems like this kind of type conversion could be handled more
> efficiently and be less error prone on programmers like myself, who often
> forget to test with multibyte strings.
> I'm sure this has popped up many times before on the list. Thought I'd put
> it out there again.
> We could just tweak the ArrayBuffer constructor to support DOMString as an
> argument.
> Currently, it supports length.
> -Charles

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