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Re: [whatwg] Fullscreen events dispatched to elements

From: Jer Noble <jer.noble@apple.com>
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2012 14:13:16 -0700
Cc: Vincent Scheib <scheib@google.com>, whatwg <whatwg@lists.whatwg.org>, Webapps WG <public-webapps@w3.org>, Anne van Kesteren <annevk@opera.com>, Robert O'Callahan <robert@ocallahan.org>
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To: Chris Pearce <cpearce@mozilla.com>
On Jun 1, 2012, at 6:45 PM, Chris Pearce <cpearce@mozilla.com> wrote:

> Because we exit fullscreen when the fullscreen element is removed from the document, so if you dispatch events to the context element, the "fullscreenchange" event never bubbles up to the containing document in the exit-on-remove case.

Actually, in WebKit, we explicitly also message the document from which the element was removed in that case.  I don't see why this behavior couldn't be standardized.

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