Re: [admin] Mail List Policy, Usage, Etiquette, etc. & Top-posting

On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 9:22 AM, Arthur Barstow <>wrote:

>  * Messages should be encoded usingplain text
>   <>

No, messages should have a plaintext *version* (MIME alternative).  It's
common and useful to use HTML messages, especially when posting about
actual spec text, where being able to use italics and bold is extremely
useful.  This is quite a relic; I havn't heard anyone make the "emails
should only be in plain text" claim in a decade or so.

 * Messages should not usetop-posting
>   <>.

It's good to avoid top-posting, but unfortunately in the real world it's
often just not possible: editing quotes for inline posting on a mobile
device is more or less impossible.

    o FollowWeb Content Accessibility Guidelines
>       <**WEBCONTENT/<>
> >(WCAG)

(I hope nobody honestly expects people to read a this before posting an
attachment to a mailing list.)

Glenn Maynard

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