Re: [manifest] screen sizes, Re: Review of Web Application Manifest Format and Management APIs

On Sun, May 27, 2012 at 4:53 PM, Scott Wilson <> wrote:

> - If its easy to bypass, why bother with it?  (I once wrote a greasemonkey
> script that let the Chrome Store work on Firefox :)

What's the problem? If I understood correctly, the feature is important so
that users don't end up opening apps with improper devices simply because
it would not work fully (as in the case of the Chrome Store being opened on
Firefox), or because the app would look completely broken due to not being
designed for that screen size, etc. If you really want to open just for fun
on something else, to see if the app really does not work in a given
browser, and things like that... well, you're free to. But we shouldn't let
"normal" users end up in such a situation easily, right?

Atenciosamente / Sincerely,
Guilherme Prá Vieira (a.k.a. "n2liquid")



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