[fullscreen] fullscreenEnabled and the fullscreen enabled flag


Document.fullscreenEnabled is not defined in normative spec prose.

It is mentioned twice in the spec: once in the IDL block at the top of
§4 API, and finally in the sentence "the fullscreenEnabled attribute
must return true if the context object and all ancestor browsing
context's documents have their fullscreen enabled flag set, or false

I expected to find a sentence like (but clearer than) the following
somewhere in §3 Model or §4 API: "All documents have a fullscreenEnabled
property which, if true, signals that it is possible for elements within
the given document to enter fullscreen mode."

Also, §3 Model claims that "HTML defines under what conditions the
fullscreen enabled flag is set," but I found no mention of this flag in


Received on Thursday, 17 May 2012 21:22:50 UTC