Re: [websockets] Moving Web Sockets back to LCWD; is 15210 a showstopper?

I think it would be reasonable to defer the feature requested in 15210 to a future version of Web Sockets API. It would also be reasonable to include it if anyone feels strongly. Was a reason cited for why 15210 should be considered critical? I could not find one in the minutes.


On May 3, 2012, at 3:41 PM, Arthur Barstow <> wrote:

> During WebApps' May 2 discussion about the Web Sockets API CR, four Sockets API bugs were identified as high priority to fix: 16157, 16708, 16703 and 15210. Immediately after that discussion, Hixie checked in fixes for 16157, 16708 and 16703and these changes will require the spec going back to LC.
> Since 15210 remains open, before I start a CfC for a new LC, I would like some feedback on whether the new LC should be blocked until 15210 is fixed, or if we should move toward a new LC without the fix (and thus consider 15210 for the next version of the spec). If you have any comments, please send them by May 10.
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