Re: Bug Tracking for the File* specs [Was: Re: Bug in file system Api specification]

Hi Arthur,
I do not "need" them :) that's mainly for editors to keep track in one 
place :)

I just suggest this bug to be fixed and it's silly to spam whole forum 
because of it :)

(I do not have access to file a bug in this W3C tracking tool)


On 21.12.2011 13:05, Arthur Barstow wrote:
> Hi Brona,
> For mostly historical reasons, WebApps' File* specs still use Tracker 
> rather than Bugzilla (and IIRC, Arun also uses the list archive as 
> well as the spec itself to track issues for the File API spec):
> For consistency, it would be good to move these specs to Bugzilla but 
> I also don't want to create any "make work" for the Editors. (Arun, 
> Jonas, EricU - if you want Bugzilla components for these specs, please 
> let me know and I'll ask MikeSmith to create them.)
> -AB
> On 12/21/11 3:21 AM, ext Bronislav Klučka wrote:
>> Hi
>> says that successCallback is "A callback that is called with the 
>> newFileWriter." there should be "A callback that is called with the 
>> File"
>> BTW  was trying to file that bug myself, but I could not find 
>> suitable component in WebAppsWG product.
>> Brona

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