Re: [editing] Using public-webapps for editing discussion

We're commenting on Aryeh's spec, he's the author, the copyright holder, 
and our comments to do not entitle us to any form of attribution.


For the sake of Aryeh's copyright on the working document, I'd like to 
remind everyone again, that their "comments" on the document will be 
reviewed by Aryeh, but the document itself is being authored and edited 
solely by Aryeh.

For those responding or contributing to the document, with particular 
spec text, please keep in mind that there is a draft of the document is 
(c) Aryeh Gregor, and that document continues to be released into a 
license that does not require attribution. As with other specs, such as 
DOM4, the editor will maintain a "build" of that document which will be 
labeled under the typical copyright and licenses that the W3C uses.


On 9/23/2011 1:09 PM, Arthur Barstow wrote:
> * Contributions to specifications produced by the HTML Editing CG are 
> governed by the Community Group CLA and the CG is responsible for 
> ensuring that all Contributions come from participants that have 
> agreed to the CLA for that group.
> With this understanding, and having not noticed any objections to 
> Aryeh's proposal, I think we should consider Aryeh's proposal as 
> accepted.
> -AB
> On 9/22/11 5:54 PM, ext Aryeh Gregor wrote:
>> On Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 2:44 PM, Arthur 
>> Barstow<>  wrote:
>>> It appears you are intentionally using "comments" here to differentiate
>>> "contributions". Is that right?
>> Right.
>>> I ask because, as I understand the CG process: before a person can 
>>> make a
>>> contribution to a CG spec, they must agree to a CLA for all of the CG's
>>> specs; and a CG is only supposed to accept contributions from its CG
>>> members.
>>> If your CG uses WebApps' list, how will contributions from non-CG 
>>> people be
>>> managed/tracked and how will the FSA be managed e.g. if non-CG 
>>> contributions
>>> are accepted?
>> I spoke with Ian Jacobs about this.  He clarified that "contributions"
>> only means spec text.  To date, I've written all actual spec text
>> myself, and I expect this to continue.  It's usual that only the
>> editor writes the actual text of the specifications they edit.  If for
>> some reason I wanted to accept spec text from someone else, they'd
>> have to submit it through the CG and we'd ensure it was properly
>> tracked for legal reasons.  As I understand it, it couldn't be
>> submitted on public-webapps, but that's not a problem -- I just want
>> to use public-webapps for discussion.

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