Re: DOM4 not compatible with ACID3 tests

On 09/08/2011 10:23 AM, Jonas Sicking wrote:
> Hi All,
> The new DOM-Core specification changes some of the behavior for
> DocType nodes to make them act more like all other nodes in the DOM.
> Specifically:
> 1. They always have a ownerDocument
> 2. They can move between, both using explicit calls to AdoptNode, and
> implicit adoption during for example insertBefore
> 3. They can be cloned between documents using importNode
> We've written a patch to implement these changes in Gecko (which
> resulted in a nice reduction in code). However, ACID3 tests for the
> old behavior which is making it a harder decision to check this patch
> in. As I understand it this isn't a Gecko specific interaction with
> ACID3, but all browsers will see the same loss in ACID3 score if they
> implement the new DOM-Core spec.
> Because of this we've been reluctant to land said patch. I would
> expect the engines that currently score 100/100 to be even more
> reluctant to lose a point or two.
> The obvious fix here seems to me to change ACID3. It would suck if the
> ACID3 tests are what is holding the web back. However so far I haven't
> been able to get a response from the parties that can make that
> happen.
> Additionally, ACID3 contains some attribute-node tests which runs a
> big risk of making it hard to implement other parts of DOM-Core. My
> understanding is that in theory it's possible to implement the
> DOM-Core spec if it's implemented exactly as currently specced. But if
> that turns out to break too many websites right now, then we won't be
> able to experiment with alternative strategies since they would break
> ACID3.
> Again, I've poked the people that can change ACID3 about this too, but
> so far without success.
> I also haven't checked, but if ACID3 is testing mutation events, then
> that will likely hold back deprecating them from the web too.
> Should we change the course here for the DOM4 spec and declare ACID3
> as set in stone

> and anything that breaks it is to be considered not
> web compatible? This would seem like a ridiculous solution to me, but
> if browsers won't implement changes that break ACID3, which I strongly
> suspect is the case, and if ACID3 can't be changed, then I don't
> really see much alternative.

If ACID3 can't be changed, let's just create ACID4 which overrides ACID3 :p


> / Jonas

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