Re: Reference to the HTML specification

* Julian Reschke wrote:
>I do see that it's a problem when people use outdated specs; but maybe 
>the problem is not the being "dated", but how they are published. As far 
>as I can tell, there's not nearly as much confusion on the IETF side of 
>things, where Internet Drafts actually come with an Expiration Date.

Publication and document status procedures are meant to support working
towards a goal, like to publish the XMLHttpRequest proposal as a Recom-
mendation. But there is no expectation that the XMLHttpRequest proposal
will be published as a Recommendation within some reasonable timeframe. 
There is nothing surprising about people getting confused by this.

You wouldn't find much support within the IETF to make a XMLHttpRequest
Working Group chartered with nothing but to fiddle with some draft over
the course of five years with no timline or expectation to produce RFCs
or test suites or anything else, so you can't really compare the two.
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