Re: [Clipboard API] Copy to clipboard

On Mon, 05 Sep 2011 02:14:10 +0200, João Eiras <>  

> Hi !
> The spec for setData [1] states that this method when calling from a  
> cut/copy event sets new data on the clipboard. Unfortunately, this is  
> insufficient to implement the typical copy to clipboard button

It is indeed. However, you already have things like  
document.execCommand('copy') for that.

> Perhaps the spec should somehow include a way for a webpage, or origin,  
> to request the user more privileges accessing the clipboard ?

I don't think it is in scope for this spec beyond recommending that UAs  
take into account the privacy and security issues a clipboard API raises.  
As far as I know, UAs already have preferences and limitations that  
regulate access to the existing clipboard commands.

Hallvord R. M. Steen, Core Tester, Opera Software

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