[Clipboard API] Copy to clipboard

Hi !

The spec for setData [1] states that this method when calling from a cut/copy event sets new data on the clipboard. Unfortunately, this is insufficient to implement the typical copy to clipboard button, or going even further, the clipboard toolbar with buttons for the 3 actions (copy, cut, paste) typically seen in text editors.

Perhaps the spec should somehow include a way for a webpage, or origin, to request the user more privileges accessing the clipboard ? But this could somehow be abused, therefore such solution should not give direct access to the system clipboard that easily.

[1] http://dev.w3.org/2006/webapi/clipops/clipops.html#widl-clipboardData-setData-boolean-DOMString-type-DOMString-data

Received on Monday, 5 September 2011 00:14:40 UTC