[DOMCore] Extension specifications

Apologies, I've only recently caught up with tr/domcore.

"When vendor-neutral extensions to this specification are needed, either 
this specification can be updated accordingly, or an extension 
specification can be written that overrides the requirements in this 
specification. When someone applying this specification to their 
activities decides that they will recognise the requirements of such an 
extension specification, it becomes an applicable specification for the 
purposes of conformance requirements in this specification."
also see, the living spec:

What would an extension specification look like?

An example template for a DOM Core extension specification would make it 
a lot easier on us to build new specs/port existing ones to DOM Core and 
maintain a similar presentation.

It'd help with flipping between the extension specification and the DOM 
Core spec, if styles and sections are similar. As DOM Core is still a 
living spec,
I would not want to maintain diff files/patches. I'd prefer to just 
reference DOM Core.

Received on Sunday, 4 September 2011 20:14:39 UTC