Re: RfC: how to organize the DOM specs [Was: CfC: publish new WD of DOM Core]

On Wed, 31 Aug 2011 18:52:34 +0200, Jonas Sicking <> wrote:
> Is this explicitly mentioned in the spec? Otherwise how will anyone be
> able to take advantage of this fact?

I guess we could explicitly mention it somewhere. On the other hand,  
everything has references and back-references and so far it seems to work  
fine for implementors (e.g. the new Event() feature is being picked up by  
implementors and so far the only question I got about it was about Web IDL  

Overall though I think it is somewhat distracting to put a 40 page  
specification in contrast with a 1000 page specification. This  
specification is very small and you can easily read/scan/search it through.

Anne van Kesteren

Received on Wednesday, 31 August 2011 17:03:54 UTC