before/after editaction

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During the very constructive meeting in
we came to a conclusion that we want events that fire before after user
editing action and execCommand take place.  Let us call these events
beforeEditAction and afterEditAction respectively.

>From Ehsan's blog:

> The beforeeditaction event would fire before the browser initiates handling
> of an editing command.  It would be cancelable, so that web applications
> which do not want certain commands enabled can just cancel the respective
> events.  The aftereditaction event would fire when the browser is done
> performing the editing action.  This event will provide semantic information
> about the editing operation performed, and will allow web content to alter
> the DOM generated as a result of the editing action.  Think of a web
> application which wants to use strong tags instead of b tags for bold text
> generated by the bold command.  With aftereditaction, the web application
> can just fix up the DOM after the browser has modified it to
> use strong tags.

Can we add these events?

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Received on Tuesday, 30 August 2011 23:06:21 UTC