Re: [XHR] support for streaming data

On 8/8/2011 5:13 PM, Jonas Sicking wrote:
> Hi All,
> XHR Level 2 does wonders for making XMLHttpRequest better. However
> there is one problem that we have run into with "streaming" data.
Agreed. I proposed something similar in January, with fixed buffer lengths:

Fixed buffers are somewhat common with more data intense network processing.
They may trigger quite a few more progress events, but they guarantee an 
size in memory usage / array length.
> Same thing when .responseType is set to "streaming-arraybuffer". In
> this case .response is set to an ArrayBuffer containing the data
> received since the last "progress" event.
> There is one non-ideal thing with this solution. Once the last chunk
> of data has arrived, at least Firefox doesn't fire a "progress" event,
> but instead just a "load" event. This means that people will have to
> consume data both from the "progress" event and from the "load" event.
> Another solution would to make sure to always fire a "progress" event
> for the last data before firing the "load" event. I personally like
> this approach more. There *might* even be reasons to do that to ensure
> that pages create progress bars that reliably reach 100% etc.
I agree to this, too. For a stream, load may be the same thing as stop, 
and not have result data.

Anne suggested using EventSource and other WebSockets style semantics 
instead of overloading

I'd be happy-enough just having a streaming binary buffer.


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