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On 8/2/11 12:08 PM, ext wrote:
> My Suggestions for XMLHttpRequest Document Page...
> 1) W3C Editor's Draft (red vertical bar on the left)-> Draft is 
> something when you are putting things together. It's not a final 
> product. It should be renamed or removed.

You are correct the "Editor's Draft" is not a "final product". That's 
what is meant by the use of "Draft" in this context.

> 2) This page is so long. I have to do so much scrolling. Don't need to 
> display links for Previous Versions on multiple lines. Just have one 
> link - open up a new page with previous versions links displayed.
> 3) As a developer, I don't care what the "Status of this Document" is. 
> All I care about is what this object do. This section should be moved 
> somewhere else.
> 4) Candidate Recommendation Exit Criteria: I really don't understand 
> this section. Why do I need to know so much about the working group 
> and their work. This should be given to them not the public.

The introductory part of the document (version data through the Table of 
Contents) is informative and useful to some people. Skip/Get over it if 
this information is not of interest to you.

-Art Barstow

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