Re: Mutation events replacement

On 7/3/11 11:41 AM, John J. Barton wrote:
> I don't understand what 'trust' means here.

Ryosuke covered this.

> I am not proposing any change to the privileges of listeners. How can the browser core "trust"
> an 'onModelChanged' listener but not an 'onModelChanging' listener?

Because the former can't change preconditions that the browser is 
depending on, while the latter can.

>> It's not clear that you need a web-facing API for your use case,
>> though....
> If you consider the Web a read-only service, with 'write' restricted to
> non-Web technologies, then lots of things are easier I agree. But if you
> believe as I do that the Web should be fully functional then we should
> push to make improvements.

Yes, but fundamentally if an extensions does something dumb and hangs or 
crashes the browser that's more or less the extension's problem (and 
importantly the extension will probably fix it if the problem is 
reported to the author).  If a web page does something dumb (or 
malicious) and hangs the browser it's the browser's problem.  Doubly so 
for a crash.

If you want more power, at some point you start running into the need 
for a higher trust level if you want the browser to give you that power.


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