Re: Flags for getFile/getDirectory (Re: New draft of FileSystem API posted)

On Tue, Sep 7, 2010 at 6:07 PM, Eric Uhrhane <> wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 7, 2010 at 12:41 AM, Kinuko Yasuda <> wrote:
>> Hi Eric,
>> (re-sending from the correct address)
>> I've been re-reading the spec and started wondering if we really want to
>> have a new interface / javascript object for Flags.
>> The Flags interface is used to specify two behavioral options (CREATE and
>> EXCLUSIVE) for DirectoryEntry.getFile and getDirectory and defined as
>> following:
>> 4.2. The Flags Interface
>> interface Metadata {
>> attribute boolean CREATE;
>> attribute boolean EXCLUSIVE;
>> };
>> (by the way I assumed you meant Flags but not Metadata.)
>> As the example code shows (4.2.2 Examples), each Flags object will likely be
>> used as a 'one-time' object just to specify the behavior per each
>> getFile/getDirectory.  If that's the case, isn't it simpler/easier to use a
>> bitfield and use single unsigned int parameter for the flags [proposal 1]?
> That was my original proposal; see the very brief discussion at
>  Robin [+CC] suggested we switch to an interface object.  I think the
> current form is nicely explicit and easy to understand and use.  The
> bitflags are traditional in POSIX, but not very JavaScript-ish.
>>  Or if  we're not going to  add more options it might be also good to simply
>> use two separate boolean parameters [proposal 2].
> I don't like this.  The more parameters you have, the harder the
> methods get to use.  This mechanism would make expanding the API quite
> messy.  Also, having two boolean parameters right next to each other
> is error-prone.
> I think that ORing together bits is better than adding more
> parameters, and I think the current proposal is cleaner than that.
> But I'm open to debate, of course.

I think the bitfield approach is better.  The current approach doesn't
work very well in strongly typed languages.  Although we might think
that these APIs will be used most-often from JavaScript, these APIs
are language neutral and should work in a variety of settings (e.g.,
as part of the NPAPI).  Baking in assumptions that APIs are used by
dynamically typed language isn't good for the web platform in the long


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