Re: [File API] Recent Updates To Specification + Co-Editor

On 6/28/10 3:41 PM, Alexey Proskuryakov wrote:
> 28.06.2010, в 15:37, Adam Barth написал(а):
>> I believe Alexey Proskuryakov has strong feelings on this topic.
> I e-mailed public-webapps not long ago, but that seems to have gone 
> unnoticed, 
> <>.

Alexey: sorry if I overlooked responding to your original note.  FWIW, 
we should separate URL/url and FileReader/BlobReader, since they are 
separate discussions.

1. URL vs. url: I agree that consistency is desirable, but almost *all* 
attributes *except constants* are expressed as lower case.  URL/url is 
an exception (I'm very happy we gave up the *far* more confusing URN/urn 
-- I'm sorry I even considered it ;-)).  I don't have a very strong 
opinion, so I'll defer to those that do, but to your point, Firefox also 
does ship 'document.URL' which seems likely the most common use of this 
property amongst authors.  We don't *also* ship 'document.url.'  My 
recollection is that Hixie changed a few things a while ago already, but 
I can't find a reference in email.  This is bikeshedding to a certain 
extent, since developers will defer to documentation about attribute 
names.  Given that a change has *already* occurred, do you *really* feel 
strongly enough to protest the change?

2. FileReader/BlobReader: I have a stronger opinion on this subject.  
Blob hasn't really "landed" on the web in a big way yet.  Firefox's 
implementation doesn't do Blob, although we do File.  While renaming the 
object BlobReader does account for the fact that all the arguments to 
the read methods are Blob arguments, there hasn't been too much 
discussion of what the "majority use case" will be.  By "majority use 
case" I mean, what the object will be *mostly* used for.  *Right now* 
Jonas points out that the majority use case is with Files.  A good 
reason to rename it is if use cases emerge that are so compelling that 
manipulating Blob data generally might be just as desirable as 
manipulating user-selected files from the underlying file system.  Can 
you or anyone cite such use cases?

In either case, we're agitating on behalf of web developers.  Having 
some weigh in would be useful in an implementor's bike-shedathon :-)

-- A*

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