Re: [IndexedDB] Computed indexes

  On 6/24/2010 7:01 AM, Jeremy Orlow wrote:
> So what your proposing is that the keyPath would essentially be a string of
> the body of a function which runs for every index (on that objectStore) for
> every value inserted into that object store?  This seems like half way
> between the eval-like idea I mentioned earlier.  It certainly seems to have
> advantages for complex keyPaths, but I'm still not so hot on having
> boilerplate/assumptions (like needing "return" and assuming "value" is
> present) present in every single keyPath.  Especially when the use cases
> (while important) don't seem to be the common case.  (In fact, can you even
> do this in SQL?  If not, I think it's pretty strong evidence against needing
> to do arbitrary calculations in a keyPath.)
You can do something like this with triggers I think.



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