[indexedDB] spec update


Just a quick note that the structure of the IndexedDB spec has
slightly changed after my fix to:


The main changes are:

- Dropped the "Request" suffix from the async API
- Dropped the base classes (IDBDatabase, IDBObjectStore, etc)
- Slightly reorganized the "Async API" and "Sync API" sections to give
them a similar structure

The diff can be seen at



PS Nikunj, while I was making these changes, I also fixed the
breakages (the WebIDL() function ReSpec.js was throwing, so the TOC
and half the IDL had disappeared, links were no longer working, etc)
introduced in


I guess the above change was a work in progress but, now that we're
working together, it would be nice if we could leave the spec in a
sane state after each commit.

Received on Tuesday, 22 June 2010 14:17:04 UTC