RE: [IndexDB] Collation Algorithm?

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>> Sent: Wednesday, June 09, 2010 2:42 PM
>> Subject: [IndexDB] Collation Algorithm?

>> One of the things I noticed that seems to be missing from the IndexDB
>> specification is the collation algorithm used for sorting the index
>> keys.

>> There are lots of collation differences between databases, if left
>> unspecified I'm afraid this would negatively affect interoperability
>> between IndexDB implementations.

>> CouchDB has a good collation specification for rich keys (any JSON
>> type) and defers to the Unicode Collation Algorithm once it hits
>> string comparisons. This might be a good starting point.



>> -Mikeal

We've touched on this in the past but haven't closed on a plan. I agree that this needs to be specified. I suspect that this will mean we'll have to take a collation name at some level (database, index) if we want to allow apps to get proper order for strings for different languages. 

I filed a bug to make sure we track this.


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