[WebTiming] Updates


    An updated version of the WebTiming draft is up on
Some of the changes per feedbacks:
    * the timing attributes are now under the window.performance name space
    * most of the sensitive timing information have been removed from
    * ResourceTiming is now exposed through

   There are also some potential changes that I believe to be benefit from
discussion with more folks here
on the list.
   * when resource is fetched from the cache, some operations like DNS and
tcp handshake will not happy.
      In that case, the corresponding attributes are set to zero. Does it
provide any benefit if we fill them
      with the closest timestamp from other valid attributes?

   * How useful it would be to provide two more interface, namely
getCompactTiming() and getTimingMeasures()?
      getCompactTiming() returns a stringified NavigationTiming object with
all the attribute names replaced with
     a compact ones. getTimingMeasures() gives out durations of the timing
info instead of epoch time, e.g.,
     domainLookup (= domainLookupEnd - domainLookupStart).

   As always, feedbacks/comments please.


Received on Tuesday, 8 June 2010 19:13:00 UTC