Re: [IndexedDB] Status

On Jun 7, 2010, at 12:22 PM, Jeremy Orlow wrote:

> 3. Editors: Nikunj Mehta (Invited Expert), Eliot Graf (Microsoft)
> 4. Spec document management: Currently W3C CVS, also using W3C's Distributed CVS (Mercurial) system
> The current spec is really far out of date at this point.  There are 15 issues logged, but I could easily log another 15 (if I thought that'd help get things resolved more quickly).
> I know Eliot is helping out with copy editing, but it's going to take a lot of time to get the spec to where it needs to be.  Andrei P (of GeoLocation spec fame) has been working on implementing IndexedDB in Chrome for a couple weeks now and has volunteered to start updating the spec right away.  He already has CVS access.  Is there any reason for him not to start working through the bug list?

As Eliot is working on non-design issues, it is easier to coordinate with him. Moreover, I am not totally sure how the DCVS system we have started to use just now is going to work out. Give us another week or so to sort out initial hiccups and at that point we could use more editorial help.

Multiple people changing the spec's technical basis makes it necessary to create a more sophisticated process. I am happy to add Andrei as an editor provided I can understand the editing process and how we get new editor's drafts out without necessarily being out of sync with each other.

Andrei -- would you be able to describe how you would co-ordinate the editing with me? 

Also, do you think you could add back more bugs once we have caught up? It will certainly help multiple editors the chance to work in parallel.


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