Re: ENISA Smartphone security study


On 5/20/10 5:43 AM, ext Giles Hogben wrote:
> Apologies - I should have explained a little more what we are looking for from the WG and you are right that some of the questions are out of scope - not answering all the questions is fine. In response to your mail:
> 1. I thought that some important aspects of Question 1 (the most extensive question) are relevant to the Webapps WG.
I agree some of those questions are interesting but most are not 
necessarily in scope for WebApps. I also think the WG's higher priority 
is to complete the deliverables in the group's charter.

That said, if members of the WG or the WebApps community at large 
(currently about 450 subscribers) have input, they should of course 
participate in the questionnaire.

-Art Barstow

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