Re: [IndexedDB] Changing the default overwrite behavior of Put

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On 5/7/2010 1:32 PM, Shawn Wilsher wrote:
> Hey all,
> Per the current spec [1], noOverwrite defaults to false for put
> operations on an object store.  Ben Turner and I have been
> discussing changing the default of put to not allow overwriting by
> default.  We feel this is better behavior because simply omitting
> the flag should not result in destroying data.  Putting my
> application developer hat on, I'd much rather have to be explicit
> about destroying existing data instead of having it happen on
> accident.  We could also change the parameter to just overwrite and
> have it default to false.
> What is everyone's thoughts on this?

I believe there are three useful modes:
overwrite: false - Must create a new record
overwrite: true - Must overwrite/update an existing record
(something else) - Create a new record or overwrite/update an existing
(depending on the key of course).

I would prefer that the last option should be indicated by omission of
the overwrite property (and thus be the default). I don't buy the
destruction of data argument, prior art clearly suggests that "put"
can alter existing data (unless you explicitly indicate otherwise).


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