Re: Pre-LC Review Requested: System Information API

First of all, I should note that I don't expect that mozilla will implement
this spec anytime soon, if at all. The user value / privacy risk ratio is
simply too low.

If we do implement it, we would have to agressively deny all requests until
the user had taken the first step and actively asked to share some
information. Not just passively agreed to share it.

That said, I'd recommend removing the language about what the receptient of
data information should do with it. I wouldn't want anyone (e.g. spec
writers or implementors) to think that that language actually makes a

/ Jonas

On May 5, 2010 8:24 AM, "Robin Berjon" <> wrote:

Hi all,

as part of its work the DAP WG has been developing a System Information API.
The abstract describes it thus:

This specification defines an API to provide Web applications with access to
various properties of the system which they are running on. Specifically,
properties pertaining to the device hardware are addressed. Examples include
battery status, current network bandwidth. Additionally, some of those
properties offer access to the environment around the device, such as
ambient brightness or atmospheric pressure.

We are looking at pushing that document into Last Call soon, if all goes
well in two weeks' time. In order to help things go smoothly, if you have an
interest in this simply take a good look at it and send us any feedback that
you may have.

You can read the current Editor's Draft at:

One specific question that we have is whether maxZoomFactor is enough (with
the assumed minimal factor of 1) or whether there are cases in which zoom
factors below 1 or (Eris forbid) below 0 are ever used (perhaps for wide
angle shots). But of course, all topic are open.

Thanks a lot for any input!

Robin Berjon -

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