Re: Quick review of RDFa DOM API?

Hi Manu,

Thanks for your e-mail (and the succinct list of relevant questions).

All - can anyone in the WebApps WG/Community commit to a "quick high- 
level review of the RDFa DOM API" draft?

Manu - FYI, we've got a significant number of specs in progress [1]  
so I don't think you should block on our review.

-Art Barstow


On May 1, 2010, at 2:03 AM, ext Manu Sporny wrote:

> Hi folks,
> This is a call to see if anyone from this WG can do a quick high-level
> review of the RDFa DOM API. We are planning a FPWD in a week or two  
> and
> would like to see if what we have so far is a good start, makes  
> sense to
> those unfamiliar with RDF/RDFa, and what improvements we should  
> make in
> the coming months to make the API useful for developers. The latest
> (FPWD-ready) document is here:
> We don't need a thorough technical review - just a quick look  
> through to
> see if this is an API you could see yourself using, or if you would
> prefer something else. We're mostly interested in having the following
> questions answered (answer as few or as many as you'd like):
> * Is the purpose of the RDFa DOM API clear?
> * Is it clear how one would extract data about a particular subject?
> * Is it clear how one could extract data about a certain property?
> * Does the document makes sense to someone that only has a passing
> knowledge of RDF and RDFa?
> * Should we eschew RDF concepts entirely and just return "dumb"
> associative-arrays? No classes, just associative arrays.
> * Should we integrate a query language, like SPARQL, or leave that  
> to an
> add-on library that could use the RDFa DOM API as the basis for that
> implementation?
> * Should the "rdfa" library go in the global scope, or on  
> document.rdfa,
> or something else like document.meta?
> * Would you rather see the API implemented on document and element
> objects rather than in an "rdfa" object? Something like
> element.filterData();
> * Is the IRI mapping mechanism a design pattern that developers are
> comfortable with using?
> * Should we use more markup/example combinations, or are the current
> markup-less examples helpful?
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