Re: StorageEvent.url (WAS: XMLHttpRequest.responseBlob)

On 4/29/10 9:23 AM, Jeremy Orlow wrote:
> Opera 10.50 does return false for your bit of javascript, but when I
> enumerate the properties on event after causing a storage event, "url"
> is there.  Weird.

All that means is that the property is an own property of the object, 
not a property getter/setter pair on the prototype, no?

It's interesting that you find this odd, given that this is exactly V8's 
behavior in general.  Compare:

   alert("body" in HTMLDocument.prototype);
   alert("body" in document");

in your favorite HTML page.

> My code did not work in Firefox 3.6.
> makes no mention of
> StorageEvent.  Do they actually support events?

Sure seem to, with "url" as the property name.  Or at least there's 
definitely code in the tree to dispatch it when storage changes happen.


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