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One of the things that I find a bit unclear in , is the use of the Chrome

The spec says: "Chrome - The chrome comprises the visible parts of the
user agent that do not depend on the content (e.g. tool bars, title
bars, menus).",

but from talking to people, many confuse it with "window decorations"
and "desktop area", because they assume Widgets to be applications and
thus not have chrome, which is what most people do not want as they
strife to make the web apps look like real applications and not
applications running the the browser.

Personally, I think we should leave out the Chrome part from the spec
and talk about window decorations and desktop area instead to make
this 100% clear.

As there is talk about moving the view modes to CSSOM instead,
supporting chrome and none-chrome seems like something that might be
needed instead. One possible solution would be to introduce a new
media feature such as (application) that would turn on application
mode, in contrast to browser mode.

The view-mode has use-cases in the browser case, especially because a
web browser can be windowed/normal, maximized and fullscreen.

On the other hand, the "(view-mode: application)" feels a bit strange
in the browser case, so it might need renaming.

Any comments, input?

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Received on Monday, 5 April 2010 15:02:55 UTC