Re: [widgets] Conformance Checker assertions spec

On Sep 29, 2009, at 18:36 , Dominique Hazael-Massieux wrote:
> For what it's worth, given that:
> * P&C has been vastly rewritten
> * test results collection hasn't started (AFAIK)
> * you're suggesting to remove a bunch of conformance requirements  
> which
> could be assessed as a substantive change
> I think it might be worth pushing P&C to a short Last Call period (3
> weeks), asking to focus only on the changes since CR, and then when  
> the
> implementation reports are finalized, ask to go to PR directly.

I like this plan. My primary concern is that we communicate it clearly  
to third parties.

Also, do we have some visibility on which implementations (and how  
many) stand a chance of passing the TS?

Robin Berjon -

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