[widgets] Test suite questions

In [1], during the testing workshop, the following assertions were
found to be redundant.

 "Given a path that matches the file name field of a file entry within
the Zip archive, a user agent must use its support for the [ZIP]
specification to decompress (or otherwise extract) the file data of
file entry into its original file representation."

Agree: I have dropped the word must (it's now a statement of fact:
UA's use zip to extract files)

 "If the protocol used for acquisition of a potential Zip archive does
not provide, or otherwise include, a media type, then a user agent
should treat the acquired potential Zip archive as if it has been
acquired from a protocol that does not label resources with a media

I agree that "should" is evil. But I think here it is justified.

 "During Step 7, a user agent must apply the algorithm to process a
configuration document."

I don't think this assertions is redundant. It can be tested by having
a configuration document that exhaustively tests a UA by having a
complex configuration document that covers all test conditions. This
tests would be "compound" (as opposed to atomic), but I think it's an
important test.

 In Step 5, the user agent must apply the algorithm to derive the user
agent locales.

I agree, this is untestable.

  "If this is the first content element, then the user agent must:"

I agree, this is redundant as can be merged with the assertion before
it. There are actually a few of these which I will eliminate.

Marcos Caceres

Received on Tuesday, 29 September 2009 16:15:45 UTC