WebIDL: how to address the various audiences and constraints?

Hi All,

Wow! The amount of email on Web IDL over the last few days has been  

I am wondering out loud here if it would make sense to split up the  
Web IDL spec? For example, a functional split e.g. the IDL in one  
doc, ES 3/5 bindings in a separate doc, Java bindings in a separate  
doc, etc. Or a core/non-core (e.g. L1/L2) split (I think Maciej used  
the term "simplification" in one of his emails). Perhaps there is  
some other split that would be useful.

OTOH, splitting specs can create other problems such as synching the  
specs, increased overhead for the Editor(s), communication (at least  
3 WGs plus TC 39), etc.


-Regards, Art

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>> I would tend to be rather in disfavour of anything that might cause
>> WebIDL to be delayed in any way. I also think that keeping the ES3
>> binding is useful (in the short term at least) if only because it is
>> familiar,
>> This seems like a standard without an audience, as ES5 is becoming
>> official well ahead of HTML5. Who needs HTML5 on ES3?
> I'm not sure what you're getting at here. WebIDL isn't just for HTML5,
> it's used throughout WebApps and DAP, and by a number of other groups
> as well, which have deliverables at various levels of completion. By
> depending on WebIDL, a lot of these cannot move forward along the
> process until WebIDL itself moves ahead.
> Don't get me wrong, I'm not in the least hostile to an ES5 binding. I
> just don't want to rush into it and have a knock-on effect on the
> timeliness of a bunch of other people's work.
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