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On Sep 25, 2009, at 12:42 , Marcos Caceres wrote:
> I'm wondering if we can get a quick summary of what happened during
> the testing workshop. I assume a short report will be created?

Kai posted this to MWTS, here it is for WebApps:


Last Monday about 9 people met from as far away as India to complete
the test suite for Widgets P&C 1.0 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

By the end of the first day of the three day event, we surprisingly
achieved 100% coverage of all UA product widget tests. We begun with
only about a third of them.

The next two days we concentrated on reviewing, checking in the tests
from into CVS (quite painful) and adding
more tests to covered test assertions.

The second day featured an in depth look at testing Widgets 1.0:
Digital Signatures and work has
begun on a test plan.

Signed widget tests will be generated from a set of scripted available

In summary the P&C coverage meeting goals have been met and we all
agreed that the event was a productive one.

I would like to especially thank Dominique Hazael-Massieux's
organisational skills and Christian Breitschwerdt for hosting the
event at the Vodafone offices.

Additionally we found some issues in the specification that were  
reported. Some smaller ones should be documented in the test suite  
(they are mostly about redundant normative assertions, and things that  
can't really be tested easily such as those involving features, or  
things that may change between when the implementation has finished  
reading the config.xml document and when the start document is  
processed, such as width and height).

> Apart from P&C, which other specs were tested?

We started work on DigSig. We looked at how to test TWI (fka A+E), and  
discussed testing WARP.

> Is test-suite-problems.txt [1] up to date and what is the purpose of
> that file? Are those things that I need to fix or were they fixed
> already?

It was up to date last I checked it in. This is where we documented  
all the issues we found when we reviewed the tests that had been  
submitted. Those that remain are either 1) tests that haven't been  
checked in yet (some were missing from you at some point, not sure if  
you added them all; and Kai still had some leftover tests from to move over); 2) buggy, or hard to test things.

> When will the tests from be moved over to the W3C?

I believe most have been, but some are left.

Robin Berjon -

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