Re: Web IDL for our API spec.

Hi, Thierry-

Thierry Michel wrote (on 9/9/09 8:43 AM):
> Thanks for your response on the use of Web IDL for our API spec.
> I have read that Web IDL is a variant of Object Management Group’s IDL
> How different is WebIDL vs IDL OMG ?
> Lots of differences ?

Conceptually similar, but yes, there are quite a few differences.

> The Annot WG is interested in using Web IDL. Would you or someone from
> the Web Applications WG would be willing to give us a help to use it to
> describe our API, as there is no knowledge of it in our WG.

I'm not the right person to ask for help, but perhaps Cameron or one of 
the other people on the WebApps WG can assist you.  In general, I 
suggest not putting me in the critical path... just go straight to 

My suggestion is to read the Web IDL spec, look at specifications that 
have used it, and learn by example.  Find functionality that is similar 
to what you want to specify, and copy and tweak those bindings.

I'm sure the WebApps WG will be happy to help you with course 
corrections along the way.

> I have seen that HTML does use WebIDL for JavaScript bindings.

For all its bindings, not just JS.

> This comforts the WG for using WebIDl as it is still an unstable Working
> Draft.

It is unlikely to go through major changes, and those changes that do 
occur are unlikely to significantly negatively affect the specifications 
using it.  It is an abstraction layer,

-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, SVG and WebApps WGs

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