Re: [Window/View Modes] Naming + Feature vs. Query: suggested changes

On Aug 18, 2009, at 14:52 , Marcos Caceres wrote:
>> Otherwise probably the viewmodes should be co-standardized by CSS WG.
> That would be nice and helpful. I'm sure we will have to get them to
> help us at some point regardless. We are stepping on their toes with
> this spec, after all. Our aim should be to get this spec to a point
> where we can take the spec that the CSS working group for review and
> approval.

Last I checked the CSS WG had more specs on its plate than we'll  
probably see released in our lifetimes, so I wouldn't expect them to  
mind that other people are helping out :) But it certainly would be  
nice to ask them to review our stuff as early as possible  do we have  
overlapping membership? Otherwise I'm happy to drop them an email.

Robin Berjon -

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